What are some examples of Mark Antony using his words to move people in Julius Caesar?

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Within the speech given by Antony, he uses a lot of sarcasm and manipulation in order to move the people against Brutus and the conspirators. He starts off cautiously, making broad statements about Caesar's good qualities, then saying, "but Brutus says he was ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man." As Antony builds momentum, he tells about Caesar's compassion and generosity, and reminds the people that Caesar refused the crown. "But, Brutus says he was ambitious, and Brutus is an honorable man."

Antony really riles the people when he tells them how mad they would be if they knew what Caesar had left them in his will. By this point, the people are demanding to hear what Antony has to say. After Antony tells them that Caesar has left the people some of his fortune, they are completely loyal to Antony.

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