What are some examples of literary devices from Into the Wild?

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One good example of literary device is personal anecdotes. While the majority of the book is composed of interviews, at one point Krakauer leaves the main narrative and relates a story from his own life that he feels connects him with Chris's mindset. Krakauer's life was different, but he believes that he went through some similar mental growth as Chris, but had the fortune to survive where Chris did not.

...my sense of Chris McCandless's intentions comes, too, from a more personal perspective.

As a youth, I am told, I was willful, self-absorbed, intermittently reckless, moody. I disappointed my father in the usual ways. Like McCandless, figures of male authority aroused in me a confusing medley of corked fury and hunger to please.
(Krakauer, Into the Wild, Amazon.com)

By connecting his own life to that of Chris, Krakauer illustrates how he was drawn to the story and how he believes his understanding of Chris's mental processes comes naturally. His anecdote is written in much the same style as the rest of the book, but benefits from hindsight; Chris could not give a more mature view of his idealistic youth, and Krakauer understands that his own view is biased. Other examples of personal anecdote occur regularly as Krakauer interviews people who met and interacted with Chris, and serve to show different sides of Chris's personality.

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I'm not going to do your assignment for you.

I will, however give you an outline that you can very well draw from.


self knowledge

young person


place to go

reason to go


One Story




Surprisingly, symbolism can show up in non-fiction works; Into the Wild is an account of true events


"Magic Bus"




Yellow Datsun

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Similies, metaphors, personification...

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