What are some examples of irony in the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers?

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Walter Dean Myers uses irony to great effect throughout Monster through dialogue and description. For instance, Steve’s lawyer, O’Brien, appears supportive and as though she believes he is innocent; however, when Steve is pronounced innocent at the trial’s end, she overtly avoids hugging him. This exemplifies irony: when Steve is found innocent, O’Brien seems to show her true feelings toward him.

Similarly, Myers employs irony through presenting the hypocritical nature that often occurs with powerful people. At a press conference, Mayor Giulianis states, “The idea that we’re just trying to stop crime in white or middle-class areas is nonsense. Everyone living in the city deserves the same protection” (Myers 123). The contrast between Giuliani’s statement and the reality of prison life and the justice system Steve experiences exemplifies irony. Another example occurs when junior high school students attend a day of Steve’s...

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