What are some examples of irony and conflict in the short story, "The Guest" by Albert Camus?

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Albert Camus was familiar with the setting of the story "The Guest." This was his birth place. The time of the story is October in the 1950s on the eve on the French/Algerian War.  The specific setting is a school house built at the base of the Atlas Mountains. It is an isolated region. 


The main character/protagonist Daru is the French born Algerian local school master.  The title of the story comes from life altering event for the teacher.  A local policeman brings an Arab prisoner to stay the night with the teacher. This is the teacher's guest.   The teacher has been ordered to take the prisoner to a town several miles away to hand him over to the authorities. 

Daru refuses to accept this responsibility.  It is not is job. He does not like how the prisoner has been treated despite the fact that he has killed his cousin over a petty quarrel. 

And he cursed at one and the same time his own people who had sent him this Arab and the Arab too who had...

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