What are some examples of irony in Chapter 10 of The Kite Runner?

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An example of irony that occurs in chapter ten is the fact that Ali, a man who has always been wealthy and successful, is now stripped of all his material possessions and is traveling with members of the lower-class into Pakistan to escape the Russians.  This is not at all what we would expect from a man of this status, and it's ironic that after a life of hard work and success, he must start all over from the bottom.

A second example of irony is when Amir overhears the conversation between his father and Kamal's father.  Kamal is one of the boys who was present at Hassan's rape.  His father tells Amir about a situation that occured a few months back where Kamal was raped by a gang.  It is ironic that Kamal had been raped after he was involved with Hassan's rape.