What are some examples of irony in Anton Chekhov's The Bear?

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Irony is a literary technique where a statement is used to communicate the opposite of its meaning usually for emphatic or humorous effect. The term also refers to situations where results or conclusions are intentionally made to deviate from the typical expectation for a humorous effect.

Smirnov mocks Popova’s “state of mind” which does not allow her to discharge her family’s financial matters. He ironically responds to Popova by stating that he is also in a “state of mind” because of the debt he is in, and he needs to be paid immediately.

SMIRNOV. Well, there! "A state of mind."... "Husband died seven months ago!" Must I pay the interest, or mustn't I? I ask you: Must I pay, or must I not?

Smirnov further mocks Popova by asking her if...

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