What are some examples of hypocrisy in the text of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?  

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e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pap Finn offers a few examples of hypocrisy. He claims ownership over his son's money though he had no part in raising Huck, took no part in procuring the money and took no risk to get it as Huck did. The argument Pap makes in this case is based on family obligation. 

An argument on filial loyalty made by the degenerate Pap Finn is plainly hypocritical given his history of abuse, negligence and disappearance. 

The King and the Duke also present examples of hypocrisy. One instance of this comes when Huck finally tries to make his escape from the two men after one of their attempts to defraud a town goes awry. 

Huck runs from the Wilks funeral grounds back to the boat, attempting to escape with Jim on the raft. The King and the Duke, however, also make it back to the raft. 

They deride Huck for running out on them and being disloyal. Huck reflects on the fact that they did not lose any time in looking for him as they fled the funeral. If they had, Huck could have gotten away. 

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