What are some examples of how Rukmani and Nathan put aside their traditions or Hindu beliefs in order to survive and preserve their culture?

payaswini | Student

in many ways rukmani and nathan put aside their traditions n hindu beliefs.... first of all its a sin in hindu tradition to touch cow skin but two sons from their family do the work of tanning in the family................ their daughter does the work which is not acceptable in any society still the parents accept it even they accept her child because she brings money at the time of crisis they neglect the illegitimate source of her income......rukmani even accepts the physical relationship of her husband with a neighbour woman kunthi..... her sons go ceylon by sea route which was again a sin in the hindu religion to cross the sea......at the end they leave their village their native place n move to town...... all these wre against the traditions and beleifs of the contemporary society

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