How can a hotel employee graciously accept a gift from a guest?I'm not asking for an opinion on the appropriateness.

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In general, a gift from a hotel guest to an employee of the hotel should be seen as equivalent to a tip or a gratuity.  It should be seen as a way of compensating or rewarding an employee for a job very well done.  Therefore, hotel employees should accept gifts in much the same way that they accept tips.

When accepting a tip, it is best not to be excessively effusive about the tip, even if it is lavish.  An employee should not make a huge fuss about being given a nice tip or a nice gift.  This would make them seem unprofessional.  Instead, they should simply be very sincere in thanking the guest.  They should say something to acknowledge that it is special to be given a gift without going overboard and seeming unprofessional.  Perhaps the employee could say something like “That’s really very kind of you.  It’s not every guest who would be this thoughtful.”  By saying something like that, the employee shows that they truly appreciate what has been given to them.  The employee also makes the guest feel good about having given the gift. 

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