What are some examples of how characters in To Kill a Mockingbird "walk in someone else's shoes"?

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slcollins eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One example of when Scout learns to walk in someone else’s shoes happens in chapter 24 at the missionary circle meeting. Scout is rather naïve about the conversation that transpires amongst the women, but she is fully aware of what is going on when Atticus comes home with the news of Tom’s death. She finally sees behind Aunt Alexandra’s harsh exterior, as Alexandra shows true concern for Atticus and the toll the trial has taken on him. Scout is impressed with Aunt Alexandra’s ability to put on a brave face and continue on with the missionary circle meeting. Scout declares that she can do the same; this shows Scout’s ability to ‘walk in her shoes.’ Another example relating to Scout occurs at the end of the book when she walks Boo home. As she stands on his porch, she is standing almost literally in his shoes and viewing the neighborhood as he would have. She finally takes the time to see things as he did for all those years.  

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