What are some examples of hidden agendas in Animal Farm?

Expert Answers
scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While Napoleon's hidden agendas are not so hidden to the reader, they are to the farm animals--Orwell's portrayal of totalitarian regimes seemingly offering privileges and pleasures to the working class when they are really rationing and restricting more than before.  Here are several examples from Animal Farm.

1. The animals work diligently on the windmill.  Napoleon certainly has no intention of the windmill really making life better or more meaningful for the animals.  He simply carries on Snowball's assignment until it benefits him no longer.  If he can keep the animals physically busy and emotionally hopeful toward accomplishing some type of goal, then they will be distracted from what he and the other leaders are doing (usually inside the farm house).

2. The rationing of the animals' food or call for faster production (of eggs, harvesting, etc.) is justified under the guise of sacrificing for the common good, when in all reality Napoleon uses rationing to keep the other animals weak and to procure more for himself.