What are some examples of haste in Romeo and Juliet that would relate to our lives today?

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One of the things that makes William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet so appealing is its applicability to life now. Compare Romeo and Juliet to contemporary teenagers. Both rushed into the new relationship. Romeo had just finished declaring himself devastated over Rosaline’s rejection. Look, however, at how he rushed into a new relationship with a new girl. Contemporary teenagers do the same thing. Spend a week in the halls of most high schools, and you will see the same thing happen. Both were quick to turn their backs on family because they felt their family would disapprove, and while the families might have, Romeo’s and Juliet’s haste took the decision out of the hands of those more mature and capable of making choices. They rushed into marriage without any thought or preparation, and this left them really without a place to live. When it looked as if their plans were going to fall apart (Romeo killed Tybalt) their solution was too hasty and poorly thought out. This sounds no different than many relationships today.

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