What are some examples of good and evil in King Lear?

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Clear instances of evil include Edmund betraying his father, brother, Goneril, and Regan by turning their father out into the storm; Regan blinding Gloucester; Edmund engaging in affairs with both Goneril and Regan; and Edmund sending the note to kill Cordelia and Lear. These are all easily actions that one might find instances of banal evil, cold, cruel, and self-interested.

The play offers other, more difficult forms of evil though as well, and it takes much of its power from them. Kent tells Lear that he does evil in conducting the contest to see who will inherit Britain. On the heath, Lear sees the homeless wretches and says "O, I have ta'en / Too little care of this!" Gloucester recognizes in his blindness that he was unjust to Edgar. Edgar's withholding of his identity as he leads Gloucester to Dover also seems evil, for it denies Gloucester a chance to make a meaningful repentance and reconciliation. And the gods themselves are accused of using us "for their sport."

So, the play...

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