What are some examples from the novel that show Atticus's parenting differs from others?I need to provide examples from the story, not direct quotes. 

npoore84 | Student
Atticus Finch has a different parenting style than those of this era. It is of concern to some in the community, and there are characters that do not hesitate to express their concern. One of the concerns is that Atticus ia a single parent. This story takes place around the 1930's and this is a time when single parenting was frowned upon. Family values and traditional parenting style are strongly enforced and followed during this time and Atticus did not traditionally follow. Mrs. Dubose does not hestitate to let Atticus know how she feels about the way he lets Scout and Jem run around the town. Aunt Alexandra is also one that has disdain for Atticus' parenting style. Att he beginning of the novel, Alexandra is only seen as having disapproval, but when Atticus takes the Tom Robinson case she becomes more vocal about her opinions. 


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