What are some examples in To Kill a Mockingbird that show Atticus Finch as a humble, moral, and honest person? (please include page numbers)

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We cannot give you page numbers because there are many editions of this novel. However, chapter numbers have been identified.

Atticus shows he is humble in the 10th chapter when Heck Tate tries to "brag" for him in front of Jem and Scout.  Atticus was known as "Ol'One Shot" when he was growing up because he was so accurate with his gun.  When Heck sees Jem fidgeting and unsure about what a great shot Atticus made when he hit the rabid dog, he says, "Didn't you know your daddy's--"and is cut off by Atticus shushing him.  This occurs about the second to last page of the chapter. 

Atticus shows his morals whenever talk comes up about the trial and his part in it.  In the first two pages of chapter 9, Scout asks Atticus why he's defending Tom if everyone thinks he shouldn't.  Atticus' reply is that he took this case and can't back away from it.  If he did, he wouldn't be able to tell the kids what to do anymore.  He also uses his famous quote that explains why he and Tom will not win.  "Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win."  Atticus shows courage here as well as morals.  He's going to try, even though he knows the outcome is not good.  He knows he's doing the right thing, and he's going to try.

Atticus shows honesty throughout the novel, but one scene in particular is when he, Heck, Boo and Scout are on the porch near the end of chapter 30. Atticus fights Heck over the story that they are going to tell the town.  Heck doesn't want Boo to become a town here (because it would about kill him), and Atticus mistakenly thinks that Jem killed Bob Ewell.  Atticus automatically begins a defense for Jem (even though it's not needed), when he could have found a way to hide his son from being a murder suspect.  He only lets it go when he realizes that Heck is trying to hide the fact that Boo killed Bob.  Atticus was not going to hide his son from the law if he was responsible.  That is just part of who Atticus is as a humble, moral and honest man.

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