What are some examples of free will in Lost Horizon?

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There are many examples of free will in the novel Lost Horizon, but one of the very first examples is when the passengers depart the plane after fleeing India and are offered fruit and warm clothing by the strangers they meet. At this point the passengers have the ability to turn down the food and clothing and attempt to search for sustenance on their own. Accepting the offers of food and clothing creates a feeling of trust towards the strangers, but it also creates a sense of indebtedness in the passengers. Another example of free will is the ability of the passengers to leave the lamasery. They discuss whether they should stay or leave, weighing the pros and cons of each decision, but ultimately decide to stay and easily assimilate into their new culture and its mores. They can use their free will at any time to attempt to change things in their new surroundings, but they ultimately choose not to.

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