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by Saki

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What are some examples of foreshadowing in "The Open Window" by Saki?

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In "The Open Window" by Saki, Vera first provides detailed clues of the men who have gone hunting when she says the following:

"Poor dear aunt, she has often told me how they went out, her husband with his white waterproof coat over his arm, and Ronnie, her youngest brother, singing, 'Bertie, why do you bound?' as he always did to tease her . . ."

The white waterproof coat must be what her uncle has with him that day, so Vera mentions it to prepare Mr. Nuttel with a visual hint that validates her story later when the men come back. Another visual description includes "the little brown spaniel" that is with them. By mentioning these specific visual images, Vera provides accurate details to solidify her story in the guest's mind later on. 

Another description Vera uses to help Mr. Nuttel identify the men in question is of one man singing "Bertie, why do you bound?" Mentioning this fact before it happens provides an audible clue for Mr. Nuttel when they come home later. The paragraph...

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