What are some examples of figurative language in chapter 5 of Lord of the Flies?

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Golding uses powerful figurative language in this chapter to communicate the mood and enhance characterization and theme. Figurative language can include sound devices such as alliteration and consonance, which are used extensively in poetry, but in narrative fiction when we speak of figurative language, we are more interested in non-literal expressions such as similes, metaphors, pathetic fallacies, and symbols. Some of the similes Golding uses in this chapter are when Ralph realizes his clothes are "stiff like cardboard" and that he needs to drop his words "like heavy round stones among the little groups." Additionally, when the sun goes down, it is "as if the light had been turned off," an ironic reminder that they have no electricity on the island. Piggy explains his fear of Jack by saying "it's like asthma."

Metaphors include Ralph losing himself in a "maze of thought" and fearing that the boys will "soon be animals anyway." During the meeting in the dark, the boys huddle in a "tight knot,"...

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