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What are some examples of figurative language in Book VI of the Odyssey by Homer?

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Right at the beginning of Book VI Homer uses figurative language (as he does throughout this epic poem, in varied forms.)  Metaphor first makes it appearance describing Athena

She went straight to the beautifully decorated bedroom in which there slept a girl who was as lovely as a goddess, Nausicaa, daughter to King Alcinous. Two maid servants were sleeping near her, both very pretty, one on either side of the doorway, which was closed with well made folding doors. Athena took the form of the famous sea captain Dymas' daughter, who was a bosom friend of Nausicaa and just her own age; then, coming up to the girl's bedside like a breath of wind, she hovered over her head and said: (Book VI)

Imagery and metaphor give this passage life and meaning to the reader; the picture of the lovely, sleeping girls, in a well-appointed apartment is enchanting, and the silent, delicate approach of Athena in the guise of another girl is an arresting image, indeed.  This last part is a simile (which is a type...

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