What are some examples of the installation of fear in Animal Farm?

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I would say that Napoleon's brutality in Chapter 7 goes very far in displaying a government that installs fear as a primary motivator.  The forced confessions and the brutality that results is fairly horrific and is one where the animals might wish to rebel, but would dare not articulate it.  This point in the text is a telling reminder of how Napoleon's government has to install fear in the mind of the animals in order to effectively function.  The savagery with which the dogs tear out the throats of those who publicly admit to going against the government serves as an example to other animals to not speak out against the Status Quo.  The installation of fear is accomplished because there are so many other emotions that are ongoing within the animals who must witness such a display of power.  For example, Clover is unable to speak because she experiences so much confusion about what she is seeing.  There is repulsion and anger, betrayal and hurt, but above all, there is fear that keeps her voice silent, and something that the government of the pigs has to employ in order to consolidate their own power and control.

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