What are some examples of Farce comedy in Tartuffe and The Misanthrope?

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Farce is a comic style, signifying broad, unsubtle, uncharactered, often physical humor appealing to the “lower” audience appetite, often associated with vaudeville, slapstick routines, and raucous stage behavior.  It purpose is to mock the subtle sophisticated posturing of high society and its pretenses.  Moliere, a quite verbal and subtle writer, limits his “lower humor.” In Tartuffe, an example might be the business of putting Orgon under the table in the drawing room rather in a closet, to hear Tartuffe wooing Orgon’s wife:

Elmire (To her husband, who is now under the table.)

But mind, I'm going to meddle with strange matters;

Prepare yourself to be in no wise shocked.

Whatever I may say must pass, because


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