What are some examples of denial in Night by Elie Wiesel?

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The Jewish population of Sighet, Elie Wiesel's home town, can be seen as a microcosm not only of the Jewish population of Europe as a whole before and during the Holocaust, but of mankind in general when confronted with evil.

Though Night begins during what turns out to be the later stages of World War II, the Jews of Hungary, because of their country's nominal neutrality up to this point, have no idea of the magnitude of what has been happening to their coreligionists elsewhere in Europe. This is partly a matter of the outside world's denial, so far, concerning the Holocaust. The fact that the Jews were being massacred in the camps was known to the Allied governments, but the Allies did nothing specifically to attempt stopping it, and it was not reported over the BBC broadcasts that Elie and his family have listened to. Even when Moshe the Beadle has been deported, has seen the killings, and has escaped and returned to Sighet to tell the others, no one believes him; the information is...

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