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Examples Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

What are some examples of courage in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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There are many examples of courage in Lee's fine novel. Two in particular stand out for me. One is Atticus facing the rabid dog. Yes, he has a rifle, but he's an older man, with failing...

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annid-2001 | Student

When Little Chuck Little speaks up for Burris Ewell, he says to Miss Caroline "Let him go, ma'am. He's a mean one, a hard-down mean one. He's liable to start somethin', and there's some little folks here" (p.30).

krobynyee | Student

Atticus Finch describes Mrs. Dubose as being one of the most courageous people he knows. Having been a morphine addict, the woman chose to go through her final days without being tied to anyone or anything. It took true courage to face her end, feeling every ounce of pain.

princess312 | Student

Mrs. Dubose- Overcomes her addiction from a very addictive drug, called morphine, and before she died, she was free from it. Mrs. Dubose tried really hard to overcome it which showed real courage and persistance.

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mancityrules | Student

Atticus’s philosophy of ”what real courage is” (118) is displayed by Miss Maudie in a number of ways. For example, she shows courage by holding views different from those of the other people in Maycomb and shares Atticus’s passion for justice which in Maycomb’s strict traditions is a brave view to hold. Unlike Miss Stephanie and Mrs. Dubose Miss Maudie uses her sharp tongue to counter gossip rather than to perpetrate it and Scout comments that ”Miss Maudie’s voice was enough to shut anybody up” (51). This shows that she stands up for her beliefs and is against racism unlike many other residents of Maycomb which in itself is bravery.

Another example of where Miss Maudie shows courage is her reaction to the fire which burnt her home acting in a philosophical way and simply carries on with life. Harper Lee emphasises Miss Maudie’s selflessness as she still takes a “lively and cordial interest” (79) in Jem and Scout at all times even when she has just lost all of her possessions simply saying: “Scout you worry about me” (79). Miss Maudie is knowledgeable and therefore understands that life will, at some stage, contain suffering but its severity will be amplified if you do not learn to let go.

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esha25 | Student

In 'To kill a mockingbird' there are many examples of courage. One example is when Mrs Maudie's house burned and even that she continued to smile and reassured the children.

 Another form of courage is Boo Radley. He rescued the Jem and Scout when they were being attacked by Ewell at the end of the novel even if he was inside his house as he considered them as his own children, and therefore ready to risk his life for them..

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casscrash | Student

There are several examples of courage in To Kill a Mockingbird. One example of courage would be when Atticus waited outside Tom Robinsons jail cell. He knew that there would probably be a mob, and he even later told Jem that they might have hurt him a bit, but he knew that he couldnt leave Tom alone. His sense of justice was stronger than his fear for himself, so he sat with Tom, prepared to defend him from whoever would punish him for a crime he didnt commit.

Another example of courage was when Boo Radley rescued Jem and Scout. He was stuck inside the house for years, but when he saw his children being attacked he left his house and did what he needed to do to save them.

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