what are some examples of courage in the book "To Kill a Mockingbird"?Quotes from the text and page number will be very helpful!! thank you(:

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
One example of courage that comes to mind occurs when Atticus is guarding Tom Robinson in the jail. It is not only brave of Atticus to be there, but it is also brave of Scout, Jem, and Dill to go and join him. Of course, the biggest example of courage in this scene comes from Scout. She stands up to the men who have come to hurt Tom. She even speaks with such power that she turns the men away. It took a lot of courage for her, a child, to stand up to grown men. Scout shows courage on many other occasions as well. She is willing to stand up for Walter in school. Of course, this has the unfortunate result of embarasing Walter, but it still took courage for her to speak out. Boo Radley shows courage in trying to help Scout and Jem. He leaves gifts for them and watches over them. He fixes Jem's pants and wraps a blanket around Scout after the fire. While Boo does these acts in the shadows and does not reveal himself until the end, it still takes courage for Boo to reach out after being kept apart from others for so long.
wnba5 | Student

One would be the old lady that jem had to read to she had cancer and she knew she was going to die soon so she said she came into this world addictied to no drugs so she will leave this world addicticed to no drugs. because it was very painfull for her because the drugs she took where for her cancer and took the pain away so during tis time jem read to her and then found out that she wasnt all that mean after all.


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