What are some examples of Costa's Level 2 questions on chapter one of The Great Gatsby?  

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In Costa's Levels of Questioning, there are three levels. Level 1 refers to information that can be recalled or looked up. This level of questions would include examples like "Who is Daisy?" and "Why has Nick moved to West Egg?" – questions that have a single answer that is explicitly stated in the book.

Level 2 questions are those that ask you to analyze or infer something. You might compare and contrast something about the story with another element within the same story or with another story. Some examples:

  • What can be inferred about Tom's character based on Nick's description of him?
  • How is the frame structure of the novel similar to other frame narratives, like The Canterbury Tales?
  • Compare and contrast Daisy and Jordan.
  • What might Daisy mean when she says she wants her daughter to be a "beautiful little fool?"

Finally, level 3 questions involve leaving the world of the novel to evaluate the novel as a work of fiction and art. They also include predicting or speculating about what might happen next and applying the ideas of the novel to something in the real world. Some examples might be "What might be revealed about Daisy and Gatsby's relationship?" and "Evaluate how well Fitzgerald's writing introduces major themes in the first chapter."


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