What are some examples of corruption in "Anthills of the Savannah"?  

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As my colleague states, Sam's actions constitute the most egregious examples of corruption in the novel. In the story, Sam is the president of the fictitious West African country of Kangan. His two friends, Christopher Oriko and Ikem Osodi serve as advisors in his cabinet. While Chris is the Commissioner of Information, Ikem is the editor of the state-sponsored newspaper, the National Gazette.

Although both Chris and Ikem support Sam, they are wary of his tendency to quash dissent of any sort. Due to his military training, Sam is characteristically imperious in nature, and as time progresses, he becomes unduly paranoid about his ability to hold on to power. Sam eventually decides that he should be elected "President-for-Life" and he proposes a people's referendum in support of this important step.  However, to Sam's great dismay, his native province of Abazon refuses to support his pet referendum. The referendum fails, and Sam blames Chris and Ikem for the failure.

To punish Abazon, Sam...

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