What are some examples of consequence and choice in Sophocles's Antigone?

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Creon chooses to allow Polyneices' body to rot in the streets instead of having it buried according to the traditional religious rites. Polyneices was one of the so-called "Seven against Thebes," a group of men who spearheaded an Argive invasion of Thebes. As far as Creon's concerned, Polyneices is a traitor, and the treatment of his corpse must reflect this. Unfortunately for Creon, his choice has fatal consequences for himself and his family. His stubborn defiance of the gods and his inability to listen to reason or take Tiresias's prophecies seriously result in the tragic suicides of his son, Haemon, and his wife, Eurydice.

Antigone 's equally stubborn defiance of Creon also has tragic consequences. In attempting to bury her late brother's body, she believes that she's implementing the will of the gods. But in Thebes, Creon's word is law, and if anyone should go against his express orders, then they are almost certain to be executed. Nevertheless, Creon is sufficiently cautious not to...

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