Identify a significant moment in A Christmas Carol that suggests that true happiness and fulfilment can be found only when one is generous to others.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would consider the entire Fifth Stave as an example of how true happiness can only be found when one is generous to others.  It is significant that the final stave is dedicated to this as it helps to reemphasize the thematic relevance of the work and highlights the trajectory of Scrooge's transformation.  Scrooge is thankful for his second chance and embrace the change within him.  He understands that few, if anyone, will "get" his change, but that is not as important as being able to act upon the knowledge gained from his visitors.  Scrooge finds himself more fulfilled and happier because of his transformation as well as his need to turn to others while being there for others.  This ending helps to bring out the idea that selflessness to others can bring about its own reward to the individual.  In a world where there is nothing but self- interest, Scrooge's example brings to light the idea that individuals can find as much, if not more happiness, in being able to give selflessly to others and assist others in place of themselves. 

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