what are some examples of bob being bad after the trial?Please help me out here!

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After Tom Robinson's death, Bob Ewell in Chapter 25 of "To Kill a Mockingbird" makes the comment that it made one down and two to go. After Bob Ewell is fired from his WPA job, he blames Atticus for taking his job. Then, he harrasses Helen Robinson as she walks past until Mr. Deas must drive her.  One day after this, Bob Ewell tries to burglarize Judge John Taylor's house.  And, of course, the children are threatened.

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Bob also spits in Atticus's face and tries to draw him into a fight. Bob, incredibly, gets a job but loses it within a week, and for this he blames Atticus, too.

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Additionally, Bob stalks Helen Robinson as she tries to work for Link Deas after her husband's death, and Link Deas has to start taking care of Helen on her way to and from work.

Bob also threatens Atticus about his children after Atticus "dared" to make him look like a fool in court. Of course, he tries to carry out his threat and is killed in the process.

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In the Harper Lee novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird," the most obvious examples of Bob Ewell's being bad after the trial of Tom Robinson is the fact that he tries to kill Jem. In addition, he keeps up with his drunken carousing and slacking ways.