What are some examples of Big Brother, Newspeak or thoughtcrime in the real world?

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An example of Big Brother is GPS. Our cell phones are beginning to all be equipped with it, and so are new cars. If someone wanted to locate you with either one of those, they would be able to do so. Furthermore, traffic cameras and cameras in stores and schools monitor most of public interaction.  

Newspeak is easily compared to how texting and gangster language are both shortening words in the world today. There are many acronyms that have minimized the needs for entire sentences to be communicated: LOL, LMFAO, OMG, TTYL, BTW, TMI, FYI. Rap has minimized the need to use complete sentences, it has also deformalized language.

Thoughtcrime can be traced as text messages, facebook posts, and emails are easily tracked if police feel the need to search a person. These tidbits are pieces of intellectual property, but they are published so they are thoughts that can be found. It used to be that the ideas we put on facebook or twitter were just said aloud or remained in our heads.



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