What are some examples of argumentative themes in "Hills Like White Elephants"? I am having trouble coming up with an argumentative thesis for this story. I wanted to argue that The American is only concerned with his own best interest but then I realized that there really isn't a whole lot of evidence to support this claim. So, I am having a hard time coming up with something solid that I can use as a basis for my argumentative essay.

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Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants" is quite an elusive and challenging story; however, arguments can be made about the American's intentions. it's just a matter of reading between the lines. In stories as in real life, people do not always say what they mean. Conversations can be packed with subtext, themes, and feelings unsaid.

There may not be any lines spelling out the American's selfishness, but when one examines his behavior regarding Jig's pregnancy, this argument can be made. Jig mentions that all they do is travel and try new drinks, suggesting their relationship is becoming shallow and dull. She is reluctant to have an abortion because perhaps a part of her does want to have a baby and for their relationship to get serious.

The American's evasive manner and insistence on going back to the way things were suggest he is only acting in his own interests. He does not care about what Jig really wants and it could be said he is trying to convince her that deep down she agrees...

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