What are the some example of a solution, solvent, and solute?

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A solution is the final product once a solute is dissolved within a solvent.  A very important example of a solution used in hospitals is saline used in IVs.  Saline is made up of salt and water.  Salt is dissolved into the water, therefore salt is the solute and water is the solvent. 

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Solvent is, in simplest terms, something in which you dissolve another substance (also called as...

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mountaingirl | Student

A solute is a substance that can be dissolved within another substance which is the solvent. The solute/solvent combination is a solution.


Solute = being dissolved

Solvent = does the dissolving

Solution = Solute + Solvent

Some common examples are:

Sugar + Water = Sugar Water

Salt + Water = Salt Water

Concentrated OJ + Water = Orange Juice

gabscho | Student

A solution is a mixture of two or more things. In a solution you have two parts the solute (what is being dissolved) and the solvent (what is doing the dissolving). Examples include:

Solution                    Solute                 Solvent

Kool-aid                 Kool-aid packet        water

salt water                salt                        water

chocolate milk         chocolate syrup        milk

water is known as the 'universal solvent' as many substances are able to dissolve in it.