What is some evidence if you were prosecuting Friar Laurence in a court case for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet? What are some questions we could ask him to convince the jury he is guilty?

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Evidence—or questions?
The questions might be easier. The friar has a big heart. Your job would be to keep pressing at him to make him admit his feelings of guilt. In fact, that would probably be a lot easier, because in a literal sense, it would be hard to convict him of murder.
The place I'd start would be to pound away at the fact that the friar suggested Juliet take this potion (when she was underage and seeking counsel). Ask things like, "Did you or did you not know Juliet was only 13 years of age? Did you or did you not advise her to take an untested potion to that would allow her to appear dead to the world?" Then I'd probably suggest that if she was in a coma /trance for three days, she was probably not in her right mind when she actually did kill herself, and that, combined with her being underage, would be where I'd focus.

clarineter128 | Student

Hey "dbruen" (lol) good luck in the trial tomorrow!!! Umm, oh! I have an idea, you should prolly concentrate on when he leaves her alone in a tomb. What was he thinking?! lol! good luck, hope "jsolar" knows his stuff tomorrow, or at least listen to me when I try and help him. GOOD LUCK!!!

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