What are some things Bob Ewell did during the story? I need to know for a project. The only thing I know is he spat in Atticus's face and threatened him.   ( CHAPTER 22)  Please help!!

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Additionally, Bob Ewell hunted out of season, he used his government checks to buy alcohol, he threatens Atticus, and he follows Helen Robinson as a form of intimidation after the trial.  We can also assume he beats his children, he refuses to work despite being given opportunities, he fabricates a story about what happened with Tom Robinson. He acts in an aggressive and pompous manner during the trial.  He doesn’t require his children to go to school, and is negligent as a father Overall, Bob Ewell does nothing that could be considered noble or desirable behavior.

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In addition to falsely accusing Tom Robinson of rape and trying to kill Jem and Scout, Bob Ewell stayed busy being a despicable human being in To Kill a Mockingbird.

  • Bob beat his daughter, Mayella (and possibly had sexual relations with her).
  • He lied on the witness stand.
  • Bob threatened Atticus, spit on him, and then threatened his children.
  • Bob spent all his money on liquor instead of providing for his family.
  • Bob stalked and threatened Tom's wife, Helen, after Tom's death.
  • Bob apparently tried to break into Judge Taylor's house.
  • Bob allowed his children to be delinquent from school.
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I think that the one you mention is perhaps the second most important thing that Bob Ewell did in the story.  However, that still leaves the most important thing that he did.  He was in on one of the pivotal moments in the story.  That is when he attacked Jem and Scout.  He broke Jem's arm and tried to stab Scout.  Then he got killed by Boo Radley.

The other thing that Bob Ewell did that was really important was to accuse Tom Robinson of raping Mayella.  In addition, he testified in court in ways that were designed to get Tom convicted.

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