Diversity in the Workplace

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What are some ethical reasons for the active pursuit of diversity?

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I had to pare down the original question because of the one question requirement.   I think that some of the ethical reasons for the active pursuit of diversity reside in the desire to eliminate discrimination of other people by bringing individuals who feature as many different narratives as possible together in the workplace.  If one believes that part of the root of systemic problems like racism and sexism is from not understanding the narratives and conditions of other people, then there is an ethical imperative to use the workplace as a potential area where such socially destructive elements can be minimized, if not outright eliminated.  Another ethical reason for the active pursuit of diversity resides in the idea of wanting to expand opportunity and the inclusion of voice to as many people as possible.  In this ethical consideration, an active pursuit of diversity is needed in order to bring more people from varied backgrounds into the workplace setting.  It is in this where diversity becomes more than an organizational goal, but rather one that is an ethical imperative in both stopping social ills and embracing a way to treat people as ends in of themselves, respecting their voice and embracing their own distinctiveness in moving them from margin to center.

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