What are some environmental factors that might impact my business if I open a restaurant?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question can be looked at in at least two ways.

First, this might be a question about environmental laws and regulations.  A community might have laws that affect restaurants and are meant to protect the environment.  These laws might affect your business.  For example, if your community has laws against putting food in with regular trash, you will have to invest in more receptacles for waste and you will have to pay employees to separate trash from food.  Thus, environmental laws are the factor that is most likely to impact your business.

Second, this might be a question about the business environment.  There are many environmental factors that could affect your business. For example, there is the issue of competition.  The number of other restaurants in the area where you wish to open is a huge factor.  Another factor has to do with what other sorts of businesses are in your area.  If you locate in an area that has many bookstores, for example, you might get a lot of foot traffic.  If you locate near to a university, you can get the same thing.  By contrast, if you locate in a more remote area you will be relying on drive-in customers who are coming specifically to your restaurant.  These and other factors make up what is called the "business environment."