What are some elements in the story that make "A Rose for Emily" seem more real to the reader?Just a quick last minute question so I can get my paper wrapped up!

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The story is set in the history of the south, the Civil War, Post-Civil War period.  The cultural shift and death to a way of life after the South lost the war is accurately depicted by the author. 

"Because Faulkner came from a family with an aristocratic bearing and associated with other similar families, he was familiar with the arrogance of characters like the Griersons. Some of these people continued to behave as if they were still privileged plantation owners although their wealth was gone."

Miss Emily, her father and the townspeople, when thought of in terms of the Old South, are very real people.  It is easy to believe that Emily was prevented, by her father, from marrying, because he found all her suitors to be beneath her socially. 

In the social hierarchy that existed in this period in history, Emily would have been required to marrying someone social equal to her or above her.  Her father is depicted as a dominating patriarch, ruling his family, exerting total control over all decisions.

Miss Emily fading, like the last bloom of the Old South, is very believable.   Emily is a victim of this upheaval, of the shift that occurs, she is left behind, like a relic lost in time.    

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