What are some elements of a dystopian society present in "The Pedestrian"?

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One characteristic of a dystopian society is that citizens are thought to be under constant surveillance by a governing force. On the night when Leonard Mead is captured, his solitary walk is observed and noted as suspicious behavior by the police, at a time when only one police car is thought to remain. Leonard's "crime" is considered threatening enough to allocate the primary peacekeeping resources to remove him from the city. The police car also operates solely on technology, down to its "metallic voice." This is another characteristic of dystopian literature: technology seems to overtake humanity in some form and is left to reign over mankind, even making decisions regarding the lives of the citizens.

Another characteristic of dystopian literature is the portrayal of humans living in a dehumanized state. In this story, Leonard notes the very absence of humanity in the world around him. People are sequestered in their houses, focused on the entertainment that their televisions can...

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