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What are some educational web sites, online games, or examples of educational technology that are useful in the classroom (either from a teacher or a student standpoint) that has ease of use, great...

What are some educational web sites, online games, or examples of educational technology that are useful in the classroom (either from a teacher or a student standpoint) that has ease of use, great cost, reliable, great availability, and great teaching and  learning outcomes?

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Fortunately for 21st century educators, the World Wide Web offers a plethora of resources online that enrich learning significantly. The hard part is not to find them, but to keep up with them. The second hardest thing is to keep them handy at all times through your activities. The third thing is to decide how and when to use them in class.

One suggestion is to register into a bookmark site such as Pinterest, Reddit, or Digg it. There are so many of them that you will have a harder time deciding which to use than actually using it.

Once you choose your bookmark, you should go to Simplespark which is a filtering website that gathers all kinds of educational info and specifically choose "academic" or "education". There, you will find many different sites that are worthy of bookmarking.

These days children are particularly interested in sites that keep up with their progress, and not just allow them to play. For those there are:

  • coolmath4kids
  • abcya
  • enchantedlearning
  • grammargorillas
  • funbrain
  • ixl
  • brainpop
  • atomiclearning
  • mrnussbaum
  • national library of virtual manipulatives

These are just some of the thousands of websites that are currently active for students to reinforce or enrich their skills in class. When using technology, do your best to make it a PART of the instructional time and not to take its time entirely. Some teachers have "Tech Tuesdays" or "Tech Thursdays" in place to utilize the entire day for tech projects if the technology is available. Others have a tech center in the classrooms and students rotate during differentiated instruction and flexible grouping to complete projects there. Either way, ensure that there is a plan for the use of the technology and not just for the sake of entertaining students.

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Current technological advances have offered us with many new ways of reaching our students and helping them thrive.

Augmented reality is beginning to gain a foothold in classrooms through the use of programs like Letters Alive and Math Alive—both of which are made by Alive Studios. This technology can be described as 3D without the glasses.

There are multiple lists of good websites and apps students can use.

ABCmouse offers teachers the ability to use the website for free. Other websites that are easy for young students to utilize include www.starfall.com. This website allows students to interact with each letter of the alphabet. Further topics besides the alphabet include blending words, long vowels, and interactive stories. www.abcya.com also allows students to interact with phonemic awareness skills.

Many curriculums used in the classroom also have interactive materials available to support daily lessons.

Searching “alphabet” in app stores will bring up more apps than can possibly be listed. These are of varying quality so try them out before letting students use them to be sure they are appropriate for the needs of your students.