What are some dystopian elements in Kazuo Ishiguro's novel Never Let Me Go?

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Some of the key dystopian elements in Never Let Me Go are lack of individualism (with the corollary of lack of choice), the prevalence of illness, and the failure of the educational system.

A dystopia is a society that has deviated from its utopian aspirations, turning the positive features into negative ones. The people who control England in the future, as Kazuo Ishiguro depicts it, see themselves as individuals; each of them makes a choice to have clones created so that they have a supply of body parts to replace theirs when the parts fail. In order to achieve these perfect individual matches, however, each person must duplicate themself and could conceivably create multiple copies. Their very effort to maintain their own individuality has been doomed through this exact replication.

For the clones, the lack of individualism extends to their lack of choice. As their originals do not consider them human, they have no say in what will become of them. The choices that the original humans make...

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