What are some disadvantages about sameness in The Giver. Please include quotes and page numbers.

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The entire book is evidence of the disadvantages of sameness, don't you think?  If you were in this community and knew what possibilities existed outside the community, what would you be missing? 

Do you like deciding what to wear every day?  You would not have that choice in the community. And even worse, there would be no choices between a blue shirt or a red shirt because there would be no colors.

What is the furniture like in your house?  What if it were exactly the same as the furniture in every other house? Your room probably reflects your individuality and taste, an option not available to you in the community,where everything in your room would be the same.

Do you like to read? You would have about two choices in the community because everyone receives a copy of the same books.  

Even the weather is the same all the time. And in fact, there really is no weather.  I do not know where you live, but I live in an area that has four seasons. Right now, my city is buried in about four feet of snow, but I would not trade that in for the same climate every day.

Sameness might seem like a safe choice for some people, with the security of not having to make any choices or decisions.  But as Jonah learns, sameness also eliminates most of the joy in living!  I do not think there is a page in the entire book that does not provide an example of how horrible sameness really is. 


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