What are some direct quotes made about Kit by Uncle Matthew, Mercy, Judith and Aunt Rachel? Please give several quotes for each person.

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Aunt Rachel is the first person to see Kit when she arrives at the home of Rachel and Matthew Wood in Wethersfield in the colony of Connecticut.

Aunt Rachel

When Aunt Rachel first meets Kit, she is excited because she looks so much like her mother.

“Kit?  You mean-can it possibly be Katherine Tyler? For a moment I thought-oh my dear child, how wonderful!” (ch 3, p. 30)

Aunt Rachel sympathizes with her husband and daughters, but she is kind to Katherine.  When Matthew complains about her clothes, she defends her.

“Matthew,” she pleaded, “everyone knows that the child has not had time to get new clothes.  Besides, it would be wasteful to throw these aside.  Katherine looks very pretty, and I am proud to have her go with is.” (p. 51)


Mercy is timid and sickly and does not talk much.  However, it is clear that she has a sweet...

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