What are some difficulties Indian people face, ie. discrimination against skin color, clothing, or religion?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the question could probably be worded in a bit more specific manner.  For example, are we looking a difficulties faced within India or outside of it?  The other issue present is that the nature of the question is going to be inconclusive.  There seems to be little in way of absolute evidence to support the claim, other than anecdotal analysis.  I do think that there are some levels of discrimination that are faced by Indians that makes consciousness a bit difficult.  External racism in nations such as England and Australia makes being an Indian in these areas difficult.  The recent spate of attacks against Indians in Australia have only heightened these experiences.  I think that there is also a perception of Indians as "the model minority."  This encourages the belief that they, as a group, will be agreeable to anything, making them more susceptible to intimidation and denial of voice.  The belief that Indians will do whatever is asked of them helps to perceive them, at best, as social chameleons that lack a firm foundation and at worst, targets them for constant belittlement and humiliation.  Certainly, this is not something that only Indians endure.  Yet, it is something that is experienced.  Few, if any, would be willing to engage in a victimization politics scheme of "who has it worse."  Yet, I think it should be noted that this could prove to be a valid experience or expression of the problems that Indians face outside India.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The answer to this question will depend very much on the place where discrimination is taking place. Many Indians work and live in many different countries. In addition people of Indian origin have become citizen of many other countries. The discrimination against these Indians varies from place to place. Also the frequency of incidences of gross and, at times, violent act of discrimination varies from time to time. For example, recently lot of attacks on Indians and people of Indian origin are being reported in Australia.

Also it is important to note that discrimination against minority is not a phenomenon associated with only Indians. In any country, any group of people who are in minority tend to face some discrimination from majority. A major example of this fact is the discrimination faced by Jews in Europe and other western countries for many centuries. It took an event like the holocaust - the persecution of Jews under the regime of Hitler - for people of these countries to realize the injustice of such discrimination.