What are some different ways in which white people treat African-Americans in Beloved, and how do African-Americans respond to such treatments?

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In Beloved, the main character, Sethe, an escaped slave, has varying relationships with and reactions to white people. For example, Amy Denver is a white woman who helps Sethe escape and who notes that the scars on Sethe's back form a chokeberry tree, thereby helping Sethe to make sense and start healing from the physical and emotional pain of slavery. Sethe forms a friendship with Amy, in part because Amy was an indentured servant, and knows a bit of what Sethe's life has been like. It is clear that Sethe is fond of Amy, as she names one of her daughters Denver.

Sethe has, on the other hand, had many very painful interactions with, and memories of, white people. The most striking is her relationship with Schoolteacher, who observes Sethe as she is raped as a slave (Chapter 7). Schoolteacher is a cold, hideous man who treats Sethe and other slaves as animals. Sethe detests Schoolteacher and is understandably afraid of him--so much so that she kills her child, known as Beloved, when she thinks Schoolteacher is coming to take her and her children back to slavery. 

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