What are some differences between Hamlet, Fortinbras, and Laertes in the play Hamlet?

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The main difference among the three characters is the ability or lack of ability to act decisively.  Throughout the first four and half acts of the play, Hamlet wrestles with whether or not he should avenge his father's death and then how he should proceed with the revenge.  As soon as Laertes finds out his father was killed, he immediately demands revenge.  Fortinbras goes to the extent to lie to his uncle in order to exact his revenge against Denmark for...

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Hamlet_ He is a very scholarly and unscrupulous person.He does not follow blindly but he examines and collects information.He belives in religious rewards and knows what is bad and what is good.It is his good and religious spirit for that delay occurs that becomes the cause of his tragedy.

Fortinbras_ He is very different person thinking of enlarging the 

area of his country .For little piece of land he is ready to get killed 

the army. He gives importance to land and conquest,where as Hamlet to humanity and justice.

Laertes_ He is very different from the both.He seems credulous

 and easily moveable.He is ready to revenge from Hamlet without getting any proof.He is always under the shadow of Claudius conspiracy.It means he does not have distinguishing power.That`swhy he is creating trouble for Hamlet.

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