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What were some differences between the Aztec Empire and the Roman Empire? 

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One of the biggest differences was that the Roman Empire was more multicultural. Given its enormous size, it was inevitable that it would encompass a greater variety of tribes, religions, and ethnic groups. The Aztec Empire also consisted of different ethnic groups, but they were much more homogeneous and much more closely linked together through culture and religion. All of the subject peoples in the Aztec Empire followed polytheistic religions; that is to say that they worshipped many gods. This made it easier for the dominant Mexica people to establish a state religion to which all could adhere.

In the Roman Empire, by contrast, there were those (such as Jews and Christians) who worshipped only one God as well as polytheism. This created a bone of contention with the imperial authorities, for whom outward worship of Roman deities was...

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