What are some devices used in the possibility of evil??

Expert Answers
rreitmeyer123 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many literary devices used in The Possibility of Evil. Perhaps the most common literary device used is irony. The author uses various forms of irony, including dramatic, situational, and verbal. The story itself leaves the reader feeling as though everyone and anyone has the potential to be evil. The use of the dramatic irony is linked to the main character, Mrs. Strangeworth. She is very much a perfectionist in the story, so much so that she writes letters about the flaws of others. She is obsessed with criticizing others and pointing out their imperfections but she fails to see her own. Since she is unable to see her own flaws, she ends up being perhaps the most wicked character in the story. The situational irony is evident in the way Mrs. Strangeworth behaves when she interacts with the people she likes to criticize. The fact that she acts kind and nice to these people while inwardly feeling anything but is an example of situational irony.