What are some deceptions that occur in the play, Fences?

Expert Answers
e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Outside of the self-deception that Rose claims Troy commits against himself, there are a number of significant deceptions in the play. 

Cory lies to Troy about quitting the football team (and keeping his job). When Troy demands that Cory choose the job over the football team, Cory outwardly agrees but secretly stays on the football team and quits his job. Troy discovers this deception.

When Cory quits his job to concentrate on football, his father retaliates by going to the coach and forbidding Cory to play.

Another significant deception is in Troy's relationship with his mistress. He lies to Bono early in the play about the nature of this relationship and hides it from his wife as well. 

His affair with Alberta represents his attempt to escape the responsibility he feels for wife, son, and home.

Troy also implicitly lies about his qualifications for the position of driver at his job. Deceit, it would seem, is a common mode in the play, yet most of the characters strive to be honest and direct with one another. This is true of Cory, Rose and Bono.