What are some current issues in farming today?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the biggest issues in farming these days is how to feed the ever increasing world population, while working under stricter environmental regulations. The demand of commodities (including food) from developing and underdeveloped countries is increasing, while the need to control emissions is mandatory. How farmers can maximize production, while causing least degree of harm to the environment is a key issue. Instability of the financial markets around the world is another issue. The entire world was hit by a big economic recession less than a decade ago and we are still recovering from it, while new recessions are hitting some countries like Greece. This instability is not good for farming, since the crop price may fluctuate (sometimes violently). Bio-fuels are another issue. Whether a farmer grows crops for making fuel or food is a dilemma. Another concern is changing local and international policies. The instability in some countries, impending changes in some governments (Presidential elections are coming up in US, etc.) and ad-hocism of other countries do not lend stability to the global market for farming goods.

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