What are some current controversial issues in the media? It needs to be a fairly broad issue to that I can find 3 articles and annotate each one. Preferably an Australian issue.

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e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gun control is a controversial issue in some countries today. In the case of Australia, major gun reforms of 1996 are being discussed today in light of gun violence problems in the US. 

A recent report in the Chicago Tribune (article) cites the Australian gun reforms as an example of rather large scale changes in the law leading to very few changes in behavior. There is a suggestion here that gun control may remain a controversial issue in Australia, under question for its effectiveness.

Another controversial issue has grown out of the global economic downturn that began about five years ago. Austerity measures and entitlement reform are two issues that have been debated in the US, the UK and throughout Europe, among other related strategies for dealing with the financial difficulties faced by many nations.

This global recession is an issue of great scale, affecting individuals and countries. It is a controversial topic, in part, because of its scale and its complexity. Agreement on how to best navigate and overcome the current fiscal challenges in global and national markets has been quite difficult to find. 

There are many resources available (and many opinions) on both gun control and issues relating to the global recession.